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Private Tour - Russian Folk Art Collection

In early February, BAACG member Svetlana Shuster hosted a tour of her stunning folk art collection, comprised of 19th and 20th century objects and representing a variety of cultures across Russia and its former republics.

Among the hundreds of items on display were intricate matryoshka (including one set with over 19 individual dolls), stocking dolls (each with unique expressions and costumes), movable toys carved from linden wood, tea boxes, paintings, and brightly painted distaffs.

Over delicious homemade snacks, Lana explained the history of various objects in the collection, as well as her family’s efforts to care for and document them. Collected by Svetlana and her late husband Vladimir over a period of several decades, these objects represent a beautiful tradition of craftsmanship that was largely overshadowed by Western art for centuries.

BAACG would like to thank Lana for her hospitality and generosity in hosting this event.

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