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Charles Schulz Museum Tour

In late January, 2023, our members were treated to a guided tour of the galleries at the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa. With over 20 members present, we were a large, attentive group as our host Dinah Houghtaling, Collections Manager, taught us about the life of the creator of Snoopy, Woodstock, and Charlie Brown. We learned that Schulz drew a new comic strip every single day for 50 years, that he loved sports, and that he was an avid reader- researching the many subjects he referenced in his work over those five decades. We also learned that the Museum made good use of their pandemic closure- by not only increasing the capacity of their displays but also incorporating playful murals salvaged from Schulz's past homes into the galleries. Following the tour, several of us took the Museum up on their generous invitation to skate at Snoopy's Home Ice across the street. Members old and new wobbled around the rink together- a first such outing for BAACG, it's believed. Finally, an impromptu invitation from long-time BAACG member Dennis Calabi brought the afternoon to an end with delicious Spanish wine and 20th century American art at Calabi Gallery.

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