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Talking Tapestries with Father and Daughter Authors

On Sunday October 4th, 2020, about 20 BAACG members gathered virtually for a private presentation by textile conservator Yadin Larochette and her father, master tapestry weaver Jean Pierre Larochette. The father-daughter team were on hand to discuss their newly released book, “Anatomy of a Tapestry: Techniques, Materials, Care.” While we couldn't be in person looking at tapestry examples as originally planned, we were treated to numerous wonderful images from the book, which is spiral-bound for ease of use as a reference while examining or treating textiles. Yadin and Jean Pierre - with their easy going manner and his wonderful accent ("free of charge with the book!") - gave us a glimpse into the history of tapestries, into their own family history of involvement with the technique, and into their heartfelt goal of illustrating and explaining the methodology clearly for the layperson and expert alike.

BAACG also got a sneak peak at Jean Pierre’s current labor of love, which evolved from the book project; He is weaving a series of tapestry diagrams, using tapestry as the art form. We would love to have Yadin and Jean Pierre back to exhibit these artworks when they’re completed, and when we can all be together in person again…. Stay tuned!

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